Friday, November 2, 2007

Some more action

Hi there!

Nothing seems to have happened here for a long time. I guess you have all been so busy with knitting that you have not had the time to post anything. That is at least partly the case with me. Since the last time I posted I have had my yearly summer vacation, gotten back to work, stuied hard for a major exam in March, and, of course, knitted some.

During my vacation I started on the Slink for my mother's birthday (which is on Monday). I used the yarn Soon from an unknown manufacturer. My LYS did not have all that much to choose from in the appropriate gauge, with mainly natural fibers but not wool. The yarn is a 60%cotton 40%polyester mix in pale pink (the color does not show very well in the picture).

By now I have finished the Slink. I had to reknit one of the sleeves twice, since I did not end up with the correct amount of stitches. Otherwise it went quite smoothly. Hopefully my mother will like it, if not it fits me quite well also.