Sunday, March 4, 2007

The City Coat

I actually started the City Coat a few weeks ago.

Even though I didn't intend to start it already.
(Mostly because of the 20+ skeins of merino needed.)
However, I bought some lovely wool for something else.
A beautiful creamy white 100% wool.
Not cheap, not expensive. Wonderful wool.
And soon it wanted to become the City Coat.
But the merino used in the book is a merino/microfiber blend.
And my wool is not.
So I decided, of course, to just start - and not start swatching, there is too much of a difference from just knitting a square and knitting a full, rather big, somewhat complex garment.
So I started knitting a sleeve. This would give me a good idea of springiness and gauge and drape.
And it works wonderfully.
Still, the arrival of spring and the Elfin Bride Gothlet pattern has put it on hold a bit.
But for now there is a sleeve!

And I never thought garter stitch could look so beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

Looks fab.! Acually I am planning to start knitting city coat when the summer officially begin!! Nothing like knitting something for the coming season and looking forward to it.:)