Sunday, July 8, 2007

Gothlet Issues

Hello, it's me Gabriela, and while I was knitting the Gothlet, I ran into some problems.
On the Left Side Back to Front part, the pattern read: "k to and including st wrapped on prev RS row, m1 between wraps". So, I emailed Jennnifer about it and this was her reply:

"to your question… yes it’s tricky, so no worries.

'k to and including st wrapped on prev RS row' means exactly that, knit up to the wrapped stitch and knit the wrapped stitch too (but not the wrap).

Now you’ve knit the wrapped stitch from prev RS row, and the next stitch on the left needle will have been wrapped in the previous (center back) SECTION. The next wrapped stitch looks like a mirror of the one you just knit, wrap coming from the left, so the wrap from prev row is on your right, and the wrap from prev section is on your left. BETWEEN these wraps, m1. So what you said: m1 after knitting the wrapped stitch is correct.

In this section, I never ask you to pick up or m1 in a wrap (looks sloppy, I tried it), or to hide a wrap."

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Anonymous said...

Hey Gabriela,
Thanks for posting the clarification, it really helped. I was able to do the left side, but I'm having trouble on the right side...did you get that far? My stitch count is always off on that side.