Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Knitting café with a new idea

The scarf now measures 49 cm which is about three times as much as in the picture on Monday. When I showed it at the knitting café and explained how it was supposed to be knit in halves and then grafted together, someone suggested that I pick up stitches when the first half is completed, and go on knitting the second half from there. Maybe I should do that to avoid the grafting. Any ideas as to why not? Or is the grafting there just for practise?

I brought my Domiknitrix book around to the café. I believe everybody there had a look in it and were amazed at the Devil and the Mohawk etc. Some people noted the name of the book and the address of the web site.


Alma said...

If you unpick the cast-on stitches as instructed I don't really see why you could not "just" continue knitting from those.
But I'm pretty certain she has a very good reason for doing it the way she does.
You could try a small test-knit to see what it looks like?
During the first Elfin I had many moments of wondering why something was done in a certain way - until it was done. There was a very good reason for everything.
She knows her stuff! :-)

domiknitrix said...

Hello, DomiKNITrix here.

For the Thin Mint scarf, picking up from the cast on row and knitting the second half right on is a perfectly good way to do it, and possibly the way the pattern read before the tech editor got her hands on it. ;-) I guess it's a toss-up whether more knitters hate picking up stitches or grafting.

In fact, I made one this way myself, and didn't even pick out the cast on row before I did. I just picked up the stitches in the row after the cast on and went for it.

Doing it that way will make the project a little heavier to carry around as you finish the second half, but if you really want to avoid the grafting, go for it!