Monday, July 2, 2007

Thin Mint Scarf

Hi everybody!

I am Camilla and I am new here. I read in a magazine about the Dominitrix site, looked it up and have now gotten the book. I am dying to knit a whole bunch of things in there, but I have to keep my daytime job and do some studying as I will have to take them one at a time. I figured I will start with an easy one, the Thin Mint Scarf and then move on to the Slink or the City Coat...

Well, about the Thin Mint Scarf, I started out with swatching the day before yesterday, and of course I got 23 stitches to 10 cm with 4 mm needles and 25 stitches with 3.5 needles. Ihave decided to go with the thinner needles so that the knitted piece will be as thick as possible (it shouldn't make all that much of a difference though). The yarn I am using is Tove from Sandnes Uld. The colors, as you can see in the photo are grey and purple which I figure will go well with my good winter coat.

Casting on felt a bit odd from the way I usually do it, but it seems it will be easier to pick up the sitches for the grafting later on this way! However knitting with two circular needles was about to drive me crazy after about two rounds, so I switched to double pointed needles, which work fine.
I will be going to a knitting café tonight, so I should get some more done then.


domiknitrix said...

Hello, DomiKNITrix here.

Yes, I've knit the Thin Mint scarf on double points myself and it works nicely that way too, though I find it's a little more strain on my own hands.

Knitting tubes on two circs is one of those weird things that is ridiculously hard at first, but then, kinda like riding a bike, at some point you suddenly realize you aren't struggling anymore. As I said in the book, using two different colored circs really helps to keep you on track.

Ricki Kelly said...

I have gotten the book as well, and I really want to knit this scarf, but I can't seem to get past the casting on. I'm new to knitting but I do quite well, and I can't seem to understand the 'Fold the row in half so that 24 sts are on each needle and join... etc'. Ha, I laugh at myself for not understanding because I'm sure its quite simple, but I've got 24 sts on each needle, with my stitches looking like a v on my needles. Please help me with this, my e-mail is