Friday, November 2, 2007

Some more action

Hi there!

Nothing seems to have happened here for a long time. I guess you have all been so busy with knitting that you have not had the time to post anything. That is at least partly the case with me. Since the last time I posted I have had my yearly summer vacation, gotten back to work, stuied hard for a major exam in March, and, of course, knitted some.

During my vacation I started on the Slink for my mother's birthday (which is on Monday). I used the yarn Soon from an unknown manufacturer. My LYS did not have all that much to choose from in the appropriate gauge, with mainly natural fibers but not wool. The yarn is a 60%cotton 40%polyester mix in pale pink (the color does not show very well in the picture).

By now I have finished the Slink. I had to reknit one of the sleeves twice, since I did not end up with the correct amount of stitches. Otherwise it went quite smoothly. Hopefully my mother will like it, if not it fits me quite well also.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm Done

Though I actually finished the Slink on the 28th, I am happy to say that I am done. Now, after devoting my energy towards the Slink,
I can go back to the Gothlet and another project I've been working on. And so, I can finally put the Slink to rest (it looks much better now) and move on.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Earlier in June I completed The Slink, but I was unhappy with the results I had. So, I unravled the sleeves, neck edge and entire front because I made the higher which did not look great and the sleeves/neck edge looked bad. Now, I have about 360+ yards of Rowan Bamboo Tape squishing my yarn basket; hopefully this second try turns out better.

Monday, July 16, 2007


My version of the Thin Mint Scarf is now finished, as you can see in the picture.

Knitting the second half was quite uneventful, except from when our pug caught hold of the yarn and ran away with it. She loves yarn and strings, and will never run as fast as when she has gotten hold of a forbidden one. The scarf luckily did not suffer any damages.

Now...what shall I knit? Right now I feel that I would love to start with the Slink, but I think that I will put it off for just a little while. I will try to get some more done first on an embroidered piece I've been working on forever and maybe knit a pair of socks for my husband from some yarn in my stash. (I know, I'm spoiling him rotten.)

See you later!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

One end completed and going for the second!

I have now reached the first end of the scarf. Since I assumed that both sides of the scarf was to be mirror images I assumed that there was an error in the DEC RND 1 and made the SSK and k2tog at the same edge of the scarf in order to achieve the pointed end. I e-mailed Jennifer about it, but it turned out that the description is correct, although the end could also be knitted the way I had too.

I then went on to weave in some yarn ends and then (Ta-da!) removed the cast-on row (I've never done that before) and picked up the stitches and went on knitting. Everything went fine, but I must not forget to weave in the yarn ends before I reach the other end and start closing it up.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Gothlet Issues

Hello, it's me Gabriela, and while I was knitting the Gothlet, I ran into some problems.
On the Left Side Back to Front part, the pattern read: "k to and including st wrapped on prev RS row, m1 between wraps". So, I emailed Jennnifer about it and this was her reply:

"to your question… yes it’s tricky, so no worries.

'k to and including st wrapped on prev RS row' means exactly that, knit up to the wrapped stitch and knit the wrapped stitch too (but not the wrap).

Now you’ve knit the wrapped stitch from prev RS row, and the next stitch on the left needle will have been wrapped in the previous (center back) SECTION. The next wrapped stitch looks like a mirror of the one you just knit, wrap coming from the left, so the wrap from prev row is on your right, and the wrap from prev section is on your left. BETWEEN these wraps, m1. So what you said: m1 after knitting the wrapped stitch is correct.

In this section, I never ask you to pick up or m1 in a wrap (looks sloppy, I tried it), or to hide a wrap."

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Knitting café with a new idea

The scarf now measures 49 cm which is about three times as much as in the picture on Monday. When I showed it at the knitting café and explained how it was supposed to be knit in halves and then grafted together, someone suggested that I pick up stitches when the first half is completed, and go on knitting the second half from there. Maybe I should do that to avoid the grafting. Any ideas as to why not? Or is the grafting there just for practise?

I brought my Domiknitrix book around to the café. I believe everybody there had a look in it and were amazed at the Devil and the Mohawk etc. Some people noted the name of the book and the address of the web site.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Thin Mint Scarf

Hi everybody!

I am Camilla and I am new here. I read in a magazine about the Dominitrix site, looked it up and have now gotten the book. I am dying to knit a whole bunch of things in there, but I have to keep my daytime job and do some studying as I will have to take them one at a time. I figured I will start with an easy one, the Thin Mint Scarf and then move on to the Slink or the City Coat...

Well, about the Thin Mint Scarf, I started out with swatching the day before yesterday, and of course I got 23 stitches to 10 cm with 4 mm needles and 25 stitches with 3.5 needles. Ihave decided to go with the thinner needles so that the knitted piece will be as thick as possible (it shouldn't make all that much of a difference though). The yarn I am using is Tove from Sandnes Uld. The colors, as you can see in the photo are grey and purple which I figure will go well with my good winter coat.

Casting on felt a bit odd from the way I usually do it, but it seems it will be easier to pick up the sitches for the grafting later on this way! However knitting with two circular needles was about to drive me crazy after about two rounds, so I switched to double pointed needles, which work fine.
I will be going to a knitting café tonight, so I should get some more done then.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Progress on the City Coat

I have started on the body of the City Coat.
So far one sleeve and the pocket welts are done.
But those alone do not a coat make.
I cannot wait until it's done but it's pretty hard work knitting bulky wool on smaller needles. Especially when you're working with 150 stitch rows.
And it's not really doable on hot summer days, but June usually offers rain and coolness here in Copenhagen, and I am now close to or at least moving towards the middle.
And I'm terribly excited, even if photos lend little to be excited about.

I'm using a delicious creamy wool with the simple name "Natur Uld".
Unfortunately the selection here is rather limited in the bulky department.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Elfin Sleeves

Got the sleeves done for now. I'm going to wait and finish the rest before I do anymore on the sleeves. 1) I don't know how long I want them yet and 2) If I don't have enough yarn I can decide to just stop where they are or get more. I always like options. :)

One side is bunched up because it's on the smallest Denise cable.