Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Just to avoid someone else repeating my mistake.
The Silky Tweed was a very bad choice for the Elfin Bride.
And now I've learned that it is not enough that something feels right, or looks right (and beautiful) or knits to gauge perfectly, if it starts acting up once finished and worn happily for a few hours.
Something I didn't know before.
For some reason the Silky Tweed wanted to be a shorter and wider Elfin when worn.
That is apparently its nature.
But I still loved knitting it. And the cats love snuggling it, and I will just frog and figure out what the yarn wants to be instead.
No disaster as such.
And I will start on a new one June 15, once the last exam paper has been handed in.
I have my eyes and fingers on some lovely dusty greyish lavender mercerised cotton for that same purpose.

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Knits Must said...

Oh no! After all that work! I think I would cry. I hope it works better with your new yarn.

My Elfin Bride is taking a little break at the moment. I've done the triangle at the back and now it's time to start the short rows.