Sunday, June 10, 2007

elfin help

That doesn't sound too good but I'm getting all confused with the elfin bride top. I've just started and I seem to be getting all confused with the pattern. I did the start of the left yoke fine but now that I'm increasing I'm getting a bit muddled. Any tips?


Anonymous said...

I think it would be easier to find - and give - help if you could specify your problem.
I've read through the pattern and it seems very precise, so maybe you could describe where it starts to get muddled?

Anonymous said...

If you graph out the increases, it seems to be easier. I also had a hard time increasing, but after graphing, it was easier-- I also used the graph later in the pattern. Good luck!

ekittie said...

I think I'm at the same spot. I'm using the Feather Tip method with the increases for the sleeve/gusset. (Though with the confusion I'm having maybe I'm biting off more than I can chew.)

I'm at where it says
Left yoke: all sizes begin with row 1.
Right yoke (next to gusset): etc...

From that to the Left Shoulder Shaping I'm just kinda lost.

Sorry for butting into your post if this isn't where you're muddled, but it sounded the same to me.

I've printed off some graph paper and I plan on coloring squares with what to do, but I'm just not sure on which part of the directions to follow or if I'm supposed to be knitting one part at the same time as another.

If anyone has the pattern handy, the end of page 4 and page 5 is what's causing my confusion.