Sunday, June 24, 2007


I was wondering if someone could help me out, I emailed Jen about my problems, but she hasn't gotten back to me yet. On the sweetheart sweater, I'm now on the first row of the front, after completing the chart I was ready for my second row of intarsia, however then I noticed that it told me that I was to complete a darted waist decrease. However, it didn't say which row to do the decreases on. I assumed that it meant row two (but row two is a purl row of intarsia).


Alma said...

As I read the pattern you work both the first row of the bow chart and the first increase in row 1.
Meaning you will do the increase on row 1, 7, 13, 19 etc.
I have not yet started on this one, so I don't have the hands-on experience.
But it seems to me that it's always a good idea to read a few lines ahead of where you are in the pattern, as you never know what's next.
I look forward to seeing it once it's done!

domiknitrix said...

Hello, DomiKNITrix here with clarifications and one error corrected. My answers follow your questions, which were good ones!

Q: First off on page 187 after the shoulder shaping you say to place all stitches on a stitch holder however, due to the fact that there are many different methods to short row shaping I'd like to know how many stitches should be placed on the holder at the end.

A: Since no increasing was done in the shoulder shaping, the number of sts moving to holder have not changed since the last time stitch count was given. Therefore stitch count at this point is 76 (80, 82, 84, 86). Working short rows does not involve increases in any method I’ve ever learned, but the technique which I do recommend is found on page 62, step 3, described here as “picking up and knitting wraps together with their sts.”

Q: On page 89 you say the following:

Row 1: k12 (15,....) place chart marker, knit first row of chart, place chart marker, k12 (15,...)

Darted waist increase: k to (dart) marker, sl marker, RLI, k to (dart) marker, LLI, sl marker, k to end 72 (78....) sts.

Am I suppose to assume that the section for the darted waist increase is row 2 (which would be a purl row and not a knit row) or what because you didn't specify thus I (and my lys) is confused.

A. Yes, you are supposed to assume that the darted increase is row 2. This is an error and the markers should be placed during the very first purl row, so at the beginning of “Front”:
With WS facing, join yarn (do not “purl one row”).

Change row 1 to PURL while placing markers to set yourself up properly for the Darted Increase which follows.

Q. For this increase row am I suppose to work the chart simultaneously while doing the darted waist increase.

A: Yes, this is why I’ve explained how to move the chart markers on those rows where dart increases are done in the “Begin intarsia bow” section.