Sunday, April 1, 2007

Elfin progress

In between the five exam papers and projects I try to keep ahead of, I have managed to squeeze in a bit of Elfin knitting.
Not as much as I would like but enough to have finished the tail feathers.
And I love the tail feathers.
My home-modem is a bit burned out these days, and have been for a few weeks, but I will post photos of progress once I get a new one.
I have now moved on to the left side, which is very interesting, especially as I managed to thoroughly mess up the first attempt, quite possibly due to red wine, and thus I spent the morning very carefully frogging it.
Frogging shortrow knitting and wrapped stitches is something I hope to never have to do again. Ever.
Especially not with the assistance of the very helpful cats.
When I left for work, all stitches were there, but those that were once wrapped are now quite unwrapped and I'll try to figure out how to solve that.

And while I'm a bit slow, Arlene most certainly is not.
She has finished her beautiful Elfin.
Very impressive. And so very beautiful.

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